Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Liking Las Vegas

Friday. My time at the Orleans is up and I am at Elaine's with baggage. She's at work. I am about to shampoo her carpets with my steamcleaner, which I brought with me. I wonder if I try to hard...yeah, probably.

She did ask me to bring the steam cleaner if I had room, though. It wasn't my idea.

We saw a play last night, at the Las Vegas Little Theater, a place very like the playhouses I normally attend in the SLO area. The play was written, directed, and produced by a fellow Women's Studies major and friend of Elaine's, a person Elaine described as an "overachiever". I'll say she is. She's about 21 years old, beautiful, is active in lots of things - focusing on theater as well as women's studies, created and donates to a nonprofit organization that helps young women, teens, find their place in the world (as I understand it).

Her play was very much based on her life. I could and did find plenty of fault in it, but for a 21-year-old the whole thing is remarkable. Some good scenes, well-written, flow well, a simple stage set, good actors who all knew what they were doing, tied together with music that could have been better chosen and more refined but sheesh...I felt the play was over-written, could stand some editing, and much of the dialogue is more "writerly" than conversational, not the way people would speak. But watchable, complete, a story, a damned good piece of work. I thought about what I would say if I reviewed it - it would be difficult in my position as mom of a friend, but if I did not have that connection it would be a good one to review.

It was good, too, just getting to a play here. I have been wanting to do that. I just about always feel there is much more life and fulfillment in watching a play than in watching a movie, although the two can serve very different purposes.

I started on "Your Money or Your Life". I think the reason I resisted buying this book so long is that I did not want to read a lot of preaching. There certainly is a fair share of that. I have yet to get to the meat of it. Still, I am finding that I am already partway down the "right road" in my attitudes towards money and spending. Hardly there yet, but I am on one of the tributaries to the right river, to stretch a metaphor.

The belt on Elaine's vacuum is broken. I believe I will go out to get a new one. Then I can do this carpet the right way. Could I just do nothing and feel okay too? Yes no yes no I don't know.

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