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staying afloat

I took the cushions from the couch inside before I left for work. Mary called shortly after I arrived at work, saying we've got to get the couches inside. I said I had gotten the cushions inside and covered a part of the couches with more plastic. She was going to call again soon. I imagine she is at work now, though. Unless the carport actually floods I think the couches will be okay, will not become soaked. The rain has really been coming down but it now seems to be leveling out, not so windy. It's the wind that got to the couches because they are well under the carport cover.

I've been nursing a headache this morning but I'm starting to feel better now. I have stuff to do, always a good thing.

I sent out copies of my draft ordinance on second units to various agencies last week and got an email from the head of the housing authority today. He had some good comments, as he usually does. George is something of a maverick, says what he thinks. He's also extremely effective at his job, which is terrific. So he's a great resource for housing questions, affordable in particular. I have always enjoyed working with him and have even thought of working *for* him. I doubt the HA could afford me, though, given my experience is related but not right-on, so I'd need to get up to speed in areas I have only brushed over in my career.

More and more I do want to work in areas where I feel I am actually "fighting the good fight", but I have little respect for most nonprofits. Some notable exceptions. I can see working for an environmental firm, one that prepares environmental documents. I've written a large number, just haven't done a full-on EIR myself. I don't see that as procedurally a lot different from what I have done, though.

Which reminds me. If I am going to get my paltry pay for the last two play reviews I have to send in an invoice. Must send invoice. Must send invoice.

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