Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Yesterday afternoon, after getting my teeth cleaned, and walking away with a bottle of a prescription rinse to use on the exposed bone area - the periodontal dentist felt it would work better, would get me past the "angry red" that is there now, that is causing me some discomfort - I went to Morro Bay to see Mary. We met at a grocery store,where she found food to cook for last night, then went to her home, where she cooked it.

I hooked up her printer but did not get around to downloading a new driver for it. Instead, Joey wanted to play games, so I spent time getting to nickjr.com, downloading shockwave, restarting, opening nickjr again, having the program freeze, starting the program again, and finally getting Blue's Clues scavenger hunt going. Joey and Leah's older boy played the game together, then the other two children got interested. Eventually Joey gave it up reluctantly, but wanted to play again, not quite liking the idea of sharing in this case.

Mary and I took Joey and Blue - I kid you not, this is the child's name - to a nearby park to play for a bit. It was dark but there were some low lights, and they happily played on slides and swings for a short while. We then took off for Cayucos, parked next to the beach, and saw a large group of small birds clustered on the sand, looking like rocks. When we got out of the car they moved, all together, like one animal, flowing in and out and back again, this time closer to the ocean. We had never seen this before.

We returned to her home and I left. I will pick up Joey for the holiday party tonight. Mary will be working. I just made the dough for gingerbread cookies, in case we come here after the party.

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