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If I were susceptible to addiction I might be on the way now. Every time the Vicodan kicks in I feel so much better. But I don't take it during the day; I wait until I get home, and often don't take any until bedtime, if then. Today I just felt tired of hurting. The hurt is rather like a burn in my mouth, except that it doesn't get better as fast as a burn does. It seems to be affecting the gums around the nearby teeth as well, making teeth brushing in that area a bit touchy.

Really, I've had a LOT worse pain. A typical migraine headache, for example, is usually far more debilitating. I think part of what bothers me is that it is so hard to enjoy eating or drinking anything at all. I get a hint of the taste and then the discomfort tends to increase in my mouth, and usually I head for a bathroom with a glass of warm salt water to rinse. That helps the discomfort to a small degree.

This afternoon I came home and had some tea and started in on "fun size" Three musketeers bars left over from Halloween. There is so damned little I can eat in this house, and I'm out of money, so I didn't really feel that bad about eating about six of them.They went down fairly easily, which felt really good to me. That is probably going to be the main part of my dinner. The Nutrition Queen bites it big time. I'm so glad I don't have to be anywhere tonight.
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