Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

blood flood

I was talking to Carolyn when out of the blue a bubble in my mouth burst - upper part of mouth, where the tissue was removed - and blood started pouring onto my tongue, down my throat. I grabbed some tissue and stuffed it in there while Carolyn checked to see if the bathroom was available. I got in there and it was a regular flood. The more I drained or rinsed, the more blood poured into the sink. I finally realized it wasn't going to slow down unless I applied pressure. So I wadded up paper toweling and stuffed it in there. Once I looked reasonably presentable - I had to clean the blood from my lips and chin - looked like a vampire just back from the kill - I hightailed it to the first aid kit in the break room and took the roll of gauze. I have now got a thick wad of gauze in there, stemming the flow. I may need to keep something in there all day today.

Lordy. I had no idea this could happen.
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