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Minor surgery

This time it took almost two hours, almost as long as the original surgery. It was a slow and tedious process, by the dentist's own admission. Lots of stitches.

First, they fitted the "stint" in my mouth. This is a plastic thing molded from an impression they took of the lid of my mouth last Tuesday. They added some sticky stuff, some kind of collagen or something, to the inside of it and stuck it to my mouth , molded the stuff to my mouth. When that was done, they took it out and set it aside.

Next, after sticking me with the needle is many many places - some were more painful than others - the dentist prepared the "receiver site". He was in there digging and scraping and cutting tissue and I don't know what else. AT times I wondered what it would be like to have a mirror available so I could watch - but I think I did better without it, just trusting.

That seemed to go on a while. I was glad when we finally got to the next stage - cutting the patch from the roof of my mouth. I didn't feel a thing! Thank heaven for all that novacaine or lidocaine or whatever it was. Finally the piece was out and into the saline solution and soon after the fitting began. The plastic stint was pushed into place and work began on the receiver site again. Stitching and then sealing with some kind of paste-like material, then more stitching and more and more, and finally some cutting of the first stitches because the tissue was not laying as flat as the dentist wanted, and more restitching.

I like his care, his meticulous approach. He kept checking and rechecking and adjusting as needed, so I felt it was a good job.

I am home, have taken one tablet of Vicodan, and am thinking I should take another, given my past experiences. I took out the gauze, thinking the bleeding had stopped, but then it began again, so I am just one big mouth right now. Can't talk. Don't ask me. I don't know how I will manage at work tomorrow. I usually have to talk quite a bit there, answering the phone, answering questions, explaining my thinking. But we'll see.

The method is different so there's less swelling. I feel hope. I don't feel too badly right now, just uncomfortable. Glad I'm home.
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