Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I'm pampering the toothless area. It hurts in an odd way, seems manageable right now but was bothersome yesterday afternoon. I took some Excedrin to take the edge off this morning.

One of the side effects of this wonderful experience is that my breath smells bad. Mary mentioned it, kept handing me tic tacs and suggesting I use Listerine (which I already do, plus salt water, plus brushing my teeth twice a day). I asked the dentist about this - he's the sort one can ask questions of easily - and he said unfortunately it is the tissue healing that smells. He said there isn't any caught food or anything, that I am doing a good job keeping it clean, so I just have to get past this initial stage. It makes me not want to talk to people except on the phone. But I can't quite do that in my job.
Tags: implants

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