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I worked on a box from the back room today. Sorted through it, into trash, save, give away. This sorting is what I need to do to get that room cleaned out. I unearthed many papers from Mary's and Elaine's younger years, some hardware, and some photographs. Photographs of me, Mary, Elaine, cousins, from years ago. A nice find. I am thinking about scanning, creating a family album of sorts. We'll see.

I also binged on the rest of the oatmeal cookies. The good thing being that they are now all gone. I made some good lentil soup, had some of that, too. I'll have it again tomorrow after the numbness wears off. My teeth are clean and salted. I hope nothing has gotten even worse in there.

I'm tired. I would like to watch ER but think I'll tape it.
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