Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I have to get more stitches in my mouth. A small part broke open again. Less than the last time, should take less time to fix. I go in tomorrow for that, at noon. So I figure tomorrow afternoon is lost.

Too much bone, too little tissue, is the reason. I wonder if I am still trying to do too much with my mouth, eating things I shouldn't be. It's hard to stay with completely soft foods all the time. But this time I will, I will, I will. Anything that might help.

I unvolunteered myself for Saturday morning, figuring I still won't be feeling well then. I haven't heard from New Times about the movie thing for tomorrow afternoon. I figure someone else must be scheduled, perhaps because Glen Starkey is out unexpectedly for a bit. This is a good thing, because otherwise I'd want to reschedule anyway.
Tags: implants

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