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Quick trip up north this weekend. We drove up Saturday morning, stopped at Mike's for a bit, went to Bitty's, Mary and Joey went off to pick up Joe and Esther at the airport and then we all rendezvoused at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Michelle and Steve did not make it to dinner, but the rest of us had a good time. Then Mary took Joe, Joey, & Esther back to the airport, made her way to Mike's to help Karol & Mike make pasties, and Bitty & I went to the West Bay opera's production of Tosca.

And what a production it was! Really glorious. Beautiful sets, good lighting, terrific voices, live orchestra, good sound, and all in a small theater so we could see it all really well. Such a great dramatic opera. We were sucked in, loving it. Amazing production.

In the meantime, though, Mary was driving in circles trying to get back to Palo Alto to our bed at Bitty's place. She got lost and when she stopped for directions she found nobody who could help, three people who couldn't even speak English. She finally got back at about midnight and I was very nervous until she was home.

And of course Joey had gotten on the plane with his dad and other grandmother. Mary talked to Joe after and learned that when Joey got on the plane he said to the flight attendant, "I need a sprite and bag of peanuts and my dad needs a diet coke". Then, when the plane landed he repeated what the captain had said over the loudspeakers: "Welcome to Las Vegas!"

Joey is doing fine, as he usually does wherever he is. Mary is missing him, has called a few times already.

Sunday we had our big gathering at Bitty's place, everyone taking pictures. Even Karen, kareyanne, and kristen came. We had the pasties, lentil soup, frittata, salad, cake, pie, plenty for everyone. I think we had a good time, considering the family. We aren't so used to being with each other. But maybe that will change.

On the way home, Mary & I stopped at a big theater and saw Red Dragon. It's okay...it was a diversion, it was a fancy theater.

I'm still tired but I got some sleep last night, was not so restless.

Dental checkup at 8:50, then to work. Mary brings her car for service in Santa Maria at 1:30, so I'll follow her there. Then back to work.



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Oct. 21st, 2002 06:08 pm (UTC)
Opera and Teeth
It sounds as though you had a well-due good time and Tosca is one of the few operas I like. I'm more of a Symphony person...
Good luck with your dental appointment.
Love Kim
Oct. 21st, 2002 06:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Opera and Teeth
We had some good times, yes, although it seemed a bit frantic to me, and there were, as usual, moments.

I like both symphonies and operas, admit to a special fondness for Italian operas, and Puccini. La Boheme may always be my favorite, but Tosca...damn it's good.

Rehearsal tonight. I still feel too tired but I'll go.

I'm glad you're still checking in on me, even though I've been rather scarce.
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