Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Faucet reconstruction take 2

I called Price Pfister again today and got a nice tech who told me just what I needed to do to make sure my faucet is together right and well sealed. I told her there were no instructions in the kit and she said "I know," in a way that sounded regretful, like she wishes there were.

I did everything. Took off the new O-rings, cleaned everything well with vinegar and water, dried it all carefully, put the rings back on, covered with the grease that came in a tube, reassembled it all, tightened everything carefully. So far so good. Looks right, works. So I am filling my dishwasher with dirty dishes and will run it soon. There's nothing to make me feel really dirty like not having a working kitchen faucet and washing dishes in the bathtub.

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