Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


Mary went out to see friends last night and Joey and I stayed at my place. Joey has gotten into the habit of tasting everything lately, in almost a compulsive way, often more than once. He sprayed window cleaner in his mouth last night. So I got him to rinse several times and to drink some water and milk and he said it felt okay then. I started looking at everything as a potential food, then, and realizing how much poison is accessible to him. Because this one incident went okay, I didn't mention it to Mary. She'd likely freak out.

I went into horrible veg-eat-veg mode. Didn't do anything of worth, hardly felt like getting off the couch.

Mary came home at about 11 and went to sleep with Joey on the couch. In the middle of the night I woke up with a horrible stomach ache. Felt like I had been poisoned. I was also dreaming that I was having my stomach pumped for evidence at Joey's custody hearing! And so was he. So I was glad, at least, to discover that part was not true. I tried vomiting, no luck, not much coming out the other way, had some peppermint tea, took a shower, finally got some sleep. I still hurt. If I had not missed so much work lately I'd not go in today. It's going to be tough. I feel lousy. This has not been a great time, this last few weeks, for me.
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