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The Big Couch Move

Yesterday Mary visited Nikki and discovered that Nikki's mother was getting rid of her large couch, getting a new one. Mary thought the old one would be perfect for me. But Marianne wanted it out right away. It became Mary's mission to get that couch into my house and to transform my living situation in the process.

We went through several layers of hell today, trying to get a truck. Mary did the first couple of hours herself, with Joey in the back of the car, in Atascadero. She learned that no truck rental place in Atascadero had a truck available suitable for the haul.

We ended up renting a ten-foot U-Haul for over $45 total from a place in SLO, meaning of course double the miles because Mary had to drive it to Atascadero to pick up the couch and then back to SLO to drop it off. I'm glad she was up for the drive, because I don't know that I was. Still, I worried about it, worried that she might have an accident, because I had not chosen to take out insurance (the rental car and truck racket).

Earlier in the day, in preparation for the new couch, I had moved my small computer desk over to the side and at a different angle and taken my old, small, lightweight couch outside. I put a sign on it: "FREE". Put it in the front yard. Very attractive. If nobody takes it by tomorrow I'll dump it in the dumpster.

Mary had more ambitious ideas for my house, though. She wanted to move my larger computer desk out of the room, for one. It's a huge, heavy thing that I was using to hold the microwave and some miscellaneous books while I worked on emptying the back room. My plan was to move it back there eventually, to create an office there. But right now there are many boxes of things back there that have to be sorted through.

Mary looked at the back room, thought maybe we could squeeze the desk in there and cover it with the boxes. So we pushed and pulled that sucker through the house until we were almost at the back bedroom door - which was when I realized the desk was too wide ever to get through that door. We pushed and pulled the sucker back the other way and onto the front porch. I am going to put an ad in the paper for it now. It will be good to be rid of it.

Mary had also acquired some kind of wardrobe, white, fairly large, also heavy. IN the process of getting it out of the truck she damaged part of it and when we got it on the asphalt we damaged it more. We finally decided it was not worth fighting, so we hauled that over to the dumpster.

Then took the truck back, came back here, ordered pizza, watched television. But only after we displaced several other things during Mary's frenzied need to change almost everything in my life. The microwave oven is now on the counter, displacing the canisters and toaster. The bed had books on it, displaced from the computer desk that's on the porch. There were several other books on the kitchen table, displaced from who-knows-where. Lots of odds and ends are on the bed in the back bedroom, waiting for me to sort through them.

We did get a few other things done. I cleaned up Mary's resume at her house, then connected her computer to the phone line by pulling a wire clear across the bedroom and living room, and sent the resume to my own computer. When I got home later I pulled it up, fixed other elements, printed it and faxed it to four places she had found in the want ads. Mary later took the printed copy to drop off some where else.

I got started on a report for work, got some things filled in, not much. I like where my computer is now, even though it blocks access to some drawers. Everything's a compromise.

I feel okay, somewhat drugged as I am, and I don't think the heavy lifting and shoving hurt me or set back the healing. And Mary was clearly in the mood for fun, as she went off to have a few drinks with someone she met the other day, someone she had known in high school. She'll end up sleeping in her own bed while Joey is spending the night here.

Life is always different when Mary is around. I love having her here and having Joey here. I do hope some things settle down a bit, though. I think the swelling has gone down a little...
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