Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

maintenance, maintenance

In years past, I couldn't be bothered to do much with my hair or face. I didn't think much could be done to change it, to improve how I looked. These days I go get little hairs pulled out of my face and I spend a few hours getting colors inserted into my hair and different shapes cut into it. I feel gratified by the results. I also notice other women more, notice who is doing what to herself, whether she's high- or low-maintenance in this way. I have particularly noticed that many Cal Poly students have chic, upscale looks that cost goodly bucks to maintain. Which is part of the reason I know that those who work at Starbucks are just getting through college and won't end up making coffees for the rest of their lives.

I had my hair highlighted and cut today. Actually high- and low-lights for a nice contrast. It's really pretty. The hair stylist, Cindy, blew-dried it in a straight style, too, very different from my customary look. I attempted to take two pictures of me but who knows what I got. I keep misplacing my cans of finished film but this one I will try to get to the store today. It has mainly birds on it, then the two pix of me.

Perhaps my newfound delight in this kind of maintenance - I admit I still don't have a lot of patience with the time it takes but I'm getting better - has to do with how different I look now in general, thinner and stronger, standing straighter. I haven't yet gotten entirely used to it, even though I have maintained myself at this level for probably a couple of years at least. I am also, unfortunately, very aware of how much older I look. The trick here is to start loving the lines, the wrinkles, the saggy skin, recognizing that they are symbols of a life fully lived.

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