Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Shocking facts

These days, the majority of electroshock patients are elderly women. The persons least likely to object, the persons most likely to be severely affected by the treatments.

Some psychiatrists have used - and I assume continue to use - electroshock to rid persons, mainly women, of some or all of their memories, to reduce them to a docile, infantile state, so they can be "reprogrammed". One case in particular was a Stepford Wives scenario. An abusive husband threatened his wife with obtaining custody if she tried to divorce him and she agreed to ECT to avoid the possibility. She was brought by shock treatments to an infantile state, where her husband bottle-fed her and fed her a new identity, even a new name. There was no outcry from other psychiatrists when this case was presented in prestigious journals. Makes me wonder what kind of people go into psychiatry these days, and I am afraid I know.

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