Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

DVD player

At this point I am certain I have done nothing wrong in connecting the DVD player to the television and I have followed the instructions for using it. Yet it doesn't play on my television. Something is up and I don't know what with. The JVC booklet offers some fine troubleshooting advice:

"No picture is displayed on the monitor." possible cause: connection of video cable is incorrect. remedy: connect the cable correctly.

The cable is connected correctly. I have virtually no choice on the television - just left and right audio jacks and one video jack. Color-coded! I'm not that lame. I am certain I got it right. So then what?

hmmm. I am thinking of a little switch on the television. input - line - something like that. I am going to see if I can find that and if it changes anything if I switch it...

Yay!! I found it I found it!! The tv/video switch on the front of the television. It didn't make a bit of dif when I chose tv/VCR on the remote, but the switch on the tv worked. Yah!! Now I gotta go rent me some DVDs!! Yeah!!

And return the expensive monster cables. I just discovered that they are for component connections, which I don't have anyway. SHeesh. I have certainly gone into this dumb. But I'm there now. whew.

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