Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I played with the DVD player again this morning, before heading for work. I confirmed that the connections are correct and tried to play the DVD again. It looks like the player is finding the disk and understanding it but I am not getting the video. I tried changing channels but that did not help. When I get home I'll check the video connections in case they are loose. I hope that's the problem.

Department of annoyances. I also bought some super cables. I didn't know if there were any included with the DVD player so I took the safe way of buying a separate set. A woman at Best Buy helped me choose some, did not ask why I wanted some, and I didn't ask her if there were any included in the box. Which was a little silly of me. I figure that once I get the problem figured out I will try the new bigger ("Monster") cables and see if the video is really noticeably better. If not, I'll return them.

The car charger-hands-free set I bought that night does not work in my car. The location of the cigarette lighter outlet is in a place that does not allow me to install the holder in a good position. So I have to trade that in for something that will work. I have it all together in a bag in the car so I can do that right after work.

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