Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I've done a few things today. I don't know how meaningful they are. I never know that, though. I looked for a push mower at three places: two home improvement stores and Sears, and ended up ordering one from sears.com, which I can pick up. It was funny how these push types are so hard to find now. Everything is electric or gas. I can't see using a power mower on my little back yard. It will be good for me, anyway. Sharp blades, cool. I have never had a new one before, and haven't had one at all for years.

I worked on my new web pages, got my bio, sort of, up there. Some of the links are incorrect. I figure I'll get to them. It looks better than it did before, is more up to date.

Dang. I should be getting that newsletter finished. For the foundation. I keep forgetting.

I read in my new book: Immediate Fiction. It's a "complete writing course". So far I actually believe that. We'll see how I do with it.

I checked out the new Starbucks in Marigold. I have been looking and wondering what it is, what is the tipping point with Starbucks? Why do these places succeed where other local coffee places do not? Of course consistency is one reason. What else?

Sometimes I think I have too many interests. It is a curse of my family. We throw our talents and interests all over the map and it is hard to focus.

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