Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I have been so sleepy today. I didn't drink any alcohol last night and went to bed at a reasonable time. But maybe that business with my knee did it. I was tossing all over the place. I was thinking how nice it was that the bed is big enough that I can keep rearranging myself all night and not disturb Bullet when he is right next to me, by my head. I don't understand cats but I think I have an inkling. I noticed that they came to sleep with me even when I switched beds when Mary and Joey stayed here one night. So they like sleeping with me specifically, even though I could tell Simba was happy to have Joey's attention during the day. They feel an affection for me that is not just because I feed them. Whatever it is, I like it. They keep me company, accept me always, offer wonderful undemanding affection. Many times I lie on the bed or the couch and Simba will curl up in my arm, his head on my shoulder. It is so peaceful. All seems right with the world then.

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