Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

missed opps

Whenever I get a sandwich from Big Town Hero, the guy there calls me by name and asks if I have some "print" with me to read. He has said several times that he misses reading, envies me. I have told him that it's a matter of choice, taking books with you wherever you are. I believe he is a co-owner of the shop, so he's there all the time, and he's making up schedules when he isn't there (he said that). I suppose I could talk more with him. But he's just gregarious, it seems, stops to chat with all kinds of people.

Today at Starbucks I saw Penny. She said hi, said she wouldn't discuss anything to do with Pismo with me, would let me enjoy my book. I said hi, indicated I did not want to talk about Pismo, went back to my book. It's possible I could have done more with that conversation.

I did talk briefly to Lynn outside when I came in the driveway. But each time I go out there I don't talk to her, not usually, unless I see something to comment on, like her dog Jack or my cat. It's possible we have more in common than I realize. It has occurred to me to ask her to coffee some time. I wonder how she'd take that. It would likely seem silly, because we're both home, we have coffee pots. So I guess it's fine just to keep talking the bits we do. More than we did before.

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