Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

quick visit

I met Mary and Joey in Morro Bay yesterday at about 3:45. We went to her dad's house, talked a little with Roy & Zene, then left. We went to a nail place, where Mary got her nails filled while I took Joey to Nibble Nook and had some lunch. Then off to SLO. We decided to hit the beach, went out to Avila, watched Joey playing on the swings there while we talked. went to SLO to see The Good Girl at the Palm. But Joey was still wired, did not go to sleep as we had hoped, and made little noises that amplify in a small theater like that. So we left maybe halfway through or less.

We came to my place, where I fixed something to eat from my rather bare cupboards. It was good I had gone to the farmers' market last Saturday, because I was able to do a nice pasta with fresh veggies, garlic, and a bit of marinara and olive oil - and fresh basil, with sundried tomatoes. Pretty adult, so Joey just had the marinara. We then talked, then watched some television, Mary fell asleep, Joey finally conked, and we all went to bed. We're going out to breakfast this morning, then I'll take them to Morro Bay, and they'll go out to Lake Nacimiento with Zeno & Roy. Mary doesn't really want to do the lake thing but it's the right thing to do. So that's all I get of her and Joey on this visit. Sob. It's been good, though, we've talked quite a bit.

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