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I made a big pot of lentil soup. I am sure all of the ingredients in that pot cost less than the three dollars I spent on my veggie rice bowl for lunch. It will keep me eating for days, and I love it. Maybe I'll make some bread to go with. I also threw together a small batch of applesauce, using some of the apples I bought yesterday. The Domestic strikes again.

The storage shed is starting to make sense. I have the gardening tools in one place, the camping in another. I am working out how to deal with the tools and the "home improvement" stuff. There are a lot of boxes to sort through, decide about. And I'll need to call Goodwill or bring stuff there.

My next door neighbor has spent the weekend carefully pruning the hedge between our "lots". She is doing it meticulously by hand. I can't comprehend how she sits there for hours, a clip here, a clip there. I can understand getting into the "zone" but I doubt she's there. She just isn't the type. She's volatile, in fact, like the rest of her family, from what I've seen of it. Her grandmother went nuts a few years ago, used to shout obscenities at my daughters. Then she died. We don't miss her. I used to hear lots of screaming arguments next door. I don't hear them now, but I know this woman was in them.

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