Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Last night I went to see the improv troupe in Orcutt. The church they used is a Unity church, and I saw a poster for Jay at the entrance. He'll be speaking there today. How funny.

KCBX was playing folk music, which only goes so far with me, so I played a CD of Mendelsohn's and Bruch's violin concerti on the way there and back. I think of these as the "heartbeat concerti" because both have sections with a driving heartbeat-like rhythm. I sometimes think that when I die I'd like to come back as a stringed instrument.

The comedy troupe was as irrepressible as I remember. The last time I saw this group was the night my Corsica died, almost two years ago. I was alone and it was late at night and it was not a very good night for me, but in the end it brought me my Honda. I still think a little sadly of the Corsica now and then.

It occurred to me that although we in the audience enjoyed the improvisations, we are probably spoiled by seeing "Whose Line is it Anyway?", which features the very best at improv. These local folks really pale in comparison. There were moments, though, when I could see them starting to grow, to expand. The most promising of the group has moved to Las Vegas, has already started a similar troupe there, and was back for a return visit last night. His LV group will premiere on Oct 12 and many of the Santa Maria folks will go there to see them. That sounded like such fun, to carry over like that, that I thought about working it so I could go too, at that time.

The storage building is still open and stuff is all around it outside. I need to deal with it today. I threw away a fair amount yesterday but there is more to go, and then more to figure out. How to get it back in, how to make it work, how to fit in other large things.

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