Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I slept rather well, woke up three times or so to go to the bathroom. I begin my third day without anti-inflammatories. And I am well into "A Courtship Gift". A decent book, but entertainment rather than literature, it seems to me.

I got a difficult report off my desk yesterday at last, and got the plans and other exhibits together and out also, so I am starting to feel some relief. I struggled with that thing for weeks, and was not able to focus entirely on it, would dip here or there, stare at it, go check email, do other things, then come back to it. I spent hours and hours on it, honing and refining and rearranging and hoping it all makes sense. Carolyn said it is a "great report", which I was glad to hear. I hope the commission reads it, makes sense of it. I doubt they'll appreciate what went into it.

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