Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

So I went for a walk. Not a long one, just the long way to Marigold and then back over the tracks. I walked around the center, watched the lively action at Cugini's, thought about all the people with friends, with family. I wandered farther, saw families entering Carl's Jr and Taco Bell, and I felt a lurch. What fast food is doing to us. Heaven knows I spent some money at these places myself, with my kids, yet we all came out okay, didn't go over the edge, didn't develop the dangerous high-fat habit. Still, it's gotten worse. Most people don't have any idea what they are doing to their bodies and, worse, to their children's tastes. The kids have a chance...but for how long?

I thought I knew a lot about fast food but Fast Food Nation really filled in the gaps. It seems to have changed me inside and out.

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