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eating and thinking and reading

My goal for this afternoon was to get registered for chorale. I had not realized until it was too late that web registration ended last Friday, so I had to go to Cuesta and add the class. This requires a signature of the instructor on the add slip. So I found an add slip and registration form and headed for the music department.

The place, hard to find to begin with, was dark. The only activity in the music part was auditions for the jazz choirs. No office, no department head, no instructor anywhere, all doors locked. So I couldn't get a signature. As I headed back to my car I figured what the heck I'll forge it. So I turned around, filled everything out, signed Tom's name, went to the registration line.

I didn't have to wait too long there, and the woman behind the counter didn't question the signature. Why would she? So I got out of there with my receipt.

I figured I'd stop at the cafeteria for a snack and to read a bit. The cafeteria is not welcoming. It is large, badly-lit, not well-appointed. I saw one large painting on a wall of some kind of vessel, not intriguing, not interesting. The food lines after four offer limited choices. No salad bar, hardly anything hot. I feel Cuesta serves the daytime students but ignores the evening students.

I got a cappuccino from a machine and a small green salad from the refrigerator and headed for a table. I sat there a while, reading. After a while some other student started playing on an upright piano. This was a nice diversion, even though he wasn't particularly good and stopped soon after. I thought how it is nice to have a place to read and eat and be in public with others doing the same, but it is so separated from life, so far from downtown or other active places. Still, in spite of these drawbacks I may consider going there at odd times, dipping into the bookstore maybe, sitting outside, maybe even talking to someone.


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