Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Mary's life sure is at a high point. Her water heater burst and flooded her apartment. She is staying at Budget Suites, courtesy of the apartment owners, and they are having to redo carpeting and probably paint, and maybe some of Mary's new furniture. She said she had a nervous breakdown earlier today, went in to her teacher and said she can't do it, she's working two jobs and her apartment's flooded and she's at the end of her rope. He was very calm said go home, take it easy, call him tomorrow. I told her she should be a test case for that class. Class in stress reduction.

I'm getting onto Dreamweaver, have redone the chorale site. It's pretty basic but it's consistent, it all works, I like it. I will keep refining, improving, of course.

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