Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

blowing it again

My third time with the blower-vac. This time I was more efficient and effective. I blew the leaves into one area and then vacuumed them up. The vacuum got a little stuck once, but I was able to unstick it quickly enough. THe leaves were all compressed into the big bag so quite a number were smashed in a rather smallish space, which I emptied into the trash can easily. I am glad I got a well-rated blower-vac. It's really easy to change from blower to vac and back again. Now the wind is blowing out there, adding more leaves to wherever.

I put my record cube out on the curb to be grabbed by anyone who wants it. A divided particle-board cube, unpainted. I am sick of having it around. I put the records on a lower shelf in my living room instead. Those I still have left.

Now I am having a craving for a Quizno's veggie sandwich. I figure I'll walk to the sandwich shop and indulge it. Another walk, a good thing. And I have a book.

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