Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

another consultation

I had an appointment with Mark this afternoon, to discuss which way to go with my teeth. The long time between appointments is dragging this thing out, and it isn't over yet. So far, one emergency appointment, three consultations, one teeth cleaning + X-ray, and nothing has actually been done about these teeth.

But now we have narrowed it down. Implants or partial bridge. The implants sound like the right option to me, and to Mark as well, but we don't know if my jaws and nerves are right. There is a problem if my nerves are too close to the bone. That makes sense.

So now I have an appointment for a consultation with the implant dentist, September 9. Another month. There will be X-rays and then a decision, and then I will ask more about cost.

Mark's assistant came up with a rough estimate, based on what she knows, and implants would cost less than the root canal-permanent bridge option, and now nobody thinks that bridge is a good idea anyway. I think, because the work is spread over so many months, that I can work out some way to pay it off without killing myself.

So in a way there is progress. I have the appointment with the implant guy and I know the options.

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