Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I got out of the house. I went to Arroyo Grande first, to see if Advantage Homes was open. It wasn't. I moved on down the road, stopped in "old town" AG, had coffee and a biscotti at the Cafe Andreini, wandered around a bit. I thought of going into Burnardoz ice cream but then remembered that I am cutting out dairy products. And I didn't have any cash anyway.

I headed for Santa Maria, checked out furniture. I didn't like any of it. But I rarely do. While I was driving on Broadway, I saw a place called Cafe Monet, and although it was in a strip center it looked promising. So I stopped there and had a bowl of soup and half a croissant and some decaf. There were two women sitting nearby, talking nonstop all the time I was there. The cafe is large, filled with plants, has something like a card shop at the back, has indoor-outdoor carpeting, green of course, on the floor. The food is served deli-style, tends toward expensive, considering, about $6.50 for my small meal.

I stopped at Vons on the way home, followed my grocery list, threw in some snacky items. Because I am not buying yogurt or other milk products, I bought other stuff, including baked Ruffles. Chewy granola bars. Frozen whipped topping. I ate a lot of this stuff when I got home. I think I have not eaten these things for too long and it got away from me. So I am really full now.

Simba and Bullet both went out when I came in. No cats in the house right now. I don't like this. I like to know they are safe inside when the night comes.

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