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I have been in almost all of the galleries that are open tonight, and I have eaten fruit, foccacia, cake, chips, crackers, and veggie lasagne and I have drunk wine, merlot, two glasses. All for free. A full meal. I saw the work of a LOT of local artists and spoke to one of them, one whose work I particularly liked. Very fine work. She said I look familiar but neither of us could work out a connection. Probably kids in school some time, we decided.

The plaza is still bursting with the blues. That's tonight's free band. And I am sitting across from it at the cybercafe. Cup of decaf. Finishing my meal. I didn't buy anything but was tempted a few times. A lot of the artists have figured out they can do well with postcards, coasters, magnets, and God-knows what else. Earrings, pendants. The pottery I saw was disappointing. I was hoping for something that really jumped out.

As I looked at the many nudes I thought, as I have often thought, I'd like someone to paint me nude. Or photograph. There was a series of black and white nudes that were quite interesting, that I could probably look at more. I'd like to have been in them, though. I think every body is worth looking at closely and I think my feelings about myself would go up a notch, or stay up, if I saw myself every day, in a picture on the wall. I thought, maybe I'll work out photographing myself. But I would need a digital camera to do anything even arty that is nude. People get such stupid ideas and I might not get my pictures printed.

Of course I know someone who would develop them. Someone in LA. I think he'd love to do it. But I don't have his current email address. When I visited him a few years ago he showed me through his business and pulled out some of the photographs to look at. It seemed funny to me, that he is such a voyeur even while a peddlar of porn. I guess it all goes together, though. But I wouldn't mind, I'd like him to look at me.

The band has stopped playing. I have walked quite a bit, compared to other days, and my knee seems okay, generally speaking, doesn't seem to be getting worse for it. I'd rather like to ...what??? I don't know, I don't know.


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