Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Today I sat outside Froggie's with a cup of coffee, reading. I thought about going around the corner and buying some thistle seed for the goldfinches, and some regular bird seed for the others, and using my credit card because there isn't enough in the bank. I had passed a table where a man was sitting with his coffee. I looked at him. I thought about how people meet, how maybe I could say something to this man or he could say something to me. But I didn't say anything, just glanced with a kind of smile and sat at another table. I looked up, saw him looking at me, and he immediately looked away. We looked at each other a couple of more times, then he went inside and didn't come out.

I finished my coffee and got up, walked to the corner where I could see the bird shop. I stood there looking at it. I thought about buying bird seed and about writing about it here, about saying I used my credit card to buy bird seed. And you've got to be a little nuts to do that. But then I started picturing it. The overpriced seed that I would feel obligated to buy along with the thistle seed, not enough of it because my birds empty all four feeders in about a day and a half. I figured the birds could wait a little longer.

They've been prowling around on the ground outside, digging into the husks of seeds they already ate in the big dish, chirping and singing. They know that there is sometimes food there so they'll know to look when I get them filled again.

I took another nap this afternoon. I had hoped I was done with this but I guess not. My mood isn't quite as good as it was yesterday. I woke up, drank water, cleaned up dishes, read some more, put water in the tea pot and put it on the fire. I sat on the couch reading and listening. The teapot changed sounds. The new sound was lower, more serious. Then the high pitch that meant it was actually boiling. I thought how I don't usually notice the sound when I'm in the kitchen impatiently waiting for it to boil. Easier to sit down and listen.

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