Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

If I were superstitious I'd say there were ugly things in the air, or the stars aren't aligned right, or something. It seems like I am hearing of so many bad things, involved in so many unhappy situations right now.

Letter from Paul, response from Duncan, problems with Three Rivers, issues with Mike & Michelle (these are less in the area of ugliness, more concern), little Mulder gone missing, the loss of my friend. . .

But in fact I am *not* superstitious. I don't see the world coming to an end. It's a tough time to get through. And we will, somehow.

  • utilities

    I went into tier 2 in electricity last month. Only a tiny amount but I always wonder what kicked it over when this happens. Gas stayed in tier one.

  • utilities

    Once again I stayed in the first tier for both gas and electricity last month. Good for me!

  • utilities

    Curses. I stayed within tier one for gas but went into tier 2 for electricity last month. I wonder what I was using electricity for. More than usual.

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