Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I haven't been in this state in such a long while. It's like a regression. It's easy to feel like I've lost ground but I haven't. In fact, it's probably a good kind of test for me.

I brought my stuff for swimming after work. I don't plan on spending much time there, just taking one lap at a time, taking it very easy, see how it goes. I am not sure my knee can handle even that right now. But maybe! Just giving it a shot will make me feel like I'm doing something. And take my mind off other things as well.

I have gone off the bio of Caldwell, very close to the end. And am reading a book by Iris Murdoch. My first. Easy to read, rather light in a way, involving. I think it's good for right now. I started Tobacco Road but could tell right off I'm not likely to like it much.

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