Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

some hope, sort of

The doc appointment. The new doc said pretty much the same thing as the last, that there is no stopping this thing. He said don't over-exercise, pay attention to my body, swim, walk when I can, bicycling seems out.

I asked about the anti-inflammatory situation. I said I'd heard that prolonged use can lead to a further disintegration over time. He said not quite, wrong info. He said that use of anti-inflammatory meds can lead to slower healing *if you break a bone*. It has no such effect on cartilage. So it's okay for long-term. Or so he says.

I still feel like I don't know anything, really. He said the reasons for these inflammations are "poorly understood". He told me about the injections: they are made of cocks' combs. Shit. And they are expensive, although nothing like knee surgery. Work for about a year, in his limited experience.

He gave me a 16-day supply of Vioxx. It's a different "family" from the naproxen, doesn't have the stomach side-effects, or, for that matter, much in the way of side-effects at all, he said. It's more expensive, though. I might check the price online just for laughs. If it works well, he said, he'd write me a prescription for them. I may have to come into money before I could fill it.

Just to see how I am, I walked around a block after leaving there. One block. That was enough to get the pain working pretty consistently. So I'm not ready to walk yet. Maybe swim, though. I should try that.

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