Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Sixth time through Firm videos. Not the same one six times; one four times, one twice. They "guarantee" noticeable differences in ten workouts, so I am waiting. It may be I would notice more if I had not already worked out with kathy Smith. Still, the system is different, the combination of aerobics and weight lifting, and I like it. I find the videos interesting from an aesthetic standpoint, style. The Firm people, the three I have seen, seem a bit different from normal people, yet I don't find them irritating or condescending. Straightforward, almost militaristic, but with quite a bit of difference. If I have any complaint, it is that they mix up right and left. I need things to be spelled out and if they say "left" when they mean "right" it can throw me. I try to watch and just follow but it takes me a while to learn moves. Even so, I don't miss a lot with these videos. I have to adjust for my bad knees but overall I don't do so badly for a starter.

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