Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

unschooled genius

This is where we are in the bio of Caldwell. His stories are starting to be published and he's getting noticed. Others like his rough realism, hope he stays intact, does not get affected by the esoteric nature of others' writing. Not much chance of that, because Caldwell doesn't put any of it on. He is what he is. At least in writing.

I am liking him even less as a person. He beats his small boys, expecting the impossible from them, ignores the efforts of his wife to keep the family together, starts having open affairs. But when she has an affair he about loses his head. Selfish, thoughtless, inconsiderate. Yet charming, apparently, when he wants to be. Feels deeply for the sharecroppers yet doesn't see the pain and humiliation in his own family, that he himself causes.

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