Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Road to Perdition

GOOD movie. Classic themes of good and evil and the effects of love, loyalty, honor. Tom Hanks is terrific in it, from how stiffly he holds himself, how he lets only the smallest indication of emotion flicker across his face, to his business-like approach to a job he hates but accepts. Impressive performance from one whose comedy leaves me laughless - seems outsize and obvious. I compared him to his role in Philadelphia, the other one I thought was amazing, and find that he is at least as good here.

One note of incongruity: the boy narrating the story is clearly grown by the time he tells it, yet his voice is still a boy's. I am sure that this was a deliberate decision and am curious about it.

It is not for kids, not for anyone who has to have everything happy at the end. Yet there is that redemption in it that we want.

I give it many stars.

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