Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

young bigots

There are nasty people prowling around here. Someone just commented on a comment I made in the Trading Spaces community, saying "You are an old hag". What would be the point of that kind of anonymous posting? It makes me feel really good, of course. I deleted my post from there but that response is still there. I could find no way to delete the response, because, I suppose, it isn't my journal.

This kind of comment is another example of the prejudice I often see here, against older people. I have seen attacks on young people even, saying "and you are probably some 40-year-old bitch" or something like that. As if being older means you are worthless, somehow bad. Obviously, people like this have not yet realized that IF THEY ARE LUCKY they too will get to be old. But if they continue the way they are, well, maybe they won't be that lucky.

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