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8:20 p.m. Friday

I can't connect to livejournal right now and the livejournal info page doesn't say anything about any problems today. So I am writing this in Word and will paste it in later.

I went to the concert in the park today at about 5:20. I didn't really expect to meet this guy Bob. I don't even know what he looks like or what he was wearing. I only know he was going to be escorting a female friend (not lover) who reminded him of Barbie. I wandered around the plaza, watched people dance to the band (a few swing dancers, the rest just standard non-touch moving), bought a bottle of water, wandered around some more. I usually meet someone I know there, sometimes lots of people, so I was really more on the lookout for friends. At about six I left the plaza and headed for Barnes & Noble. I wandered through there, decided not to use my my last bit of change for a coffee or other drink, and wandered back to the plaza.

It was a perfect SLO evening. The weather was clear and the temperature pleasant. Really perfect. There were many people there. It is a family kind of affair, although beer and wine are available to purchase and drink right there. As time went on, the crowd got larger, the dance area thicker. People were swarming and talking and laughing. As I held my plastic bottle it vibrated with the sound of the horn playing, a strange sensation.

I wandered through the crowd one more time, heading to the other side of the plaza and out. The sound of the crowd made a humming kind of murmur that I really liked, had not noticed before. On my way out I met Allan, former Architectural Review Commission member at SLO and now Planning Commissioner. It was so nice to see him. I know he has always taken to me, has always been fond of me, which is so sweet. He said I looked very healthy and that he thinks of me often. I said I see him on television now and then, and he said he is sorry the meetings are televised. He said to call me and we'll do something together. I said I'd like that, I really would. I said it was funny being there because it is the kind of activity you go to with someone, and I'm a loner. He said he is too. He introduced me to a young couple he was with, introduced me as a planner and the daughter of a famous architect. I said I would call. And I intend to do so. Allan is a sensitive nice person who could be a better friend.

As we were talking, Cal came by and said hi too, touched me on the arm. These are small things, these contacts, but they made me feel very good.

I headed for Vons from there. I am really broke right now, knew I had about $33 in my PayPal account, so I went into frugal mode. I mentally added up everything I put in my basket and got out for a little over $25. Leaving a little money for the odd thing that may come up this next week. Oh yeah, and for the movie tomorrow

Tomorrow's plan: color my hair, sweep the driveway, then go see Road to Perdition (bargain matinee).

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