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I hope I wake up a bit at lunch.

I bought three more books from Publishers' Warehouse yesterday. Dirt-cheap. One dollar each, buy two get one free, so it was a total of $2.15. They are all large hard-bound books, and I had not heard of any of them before. I have dipped into two and am interested especially in one of those, a biography of Erskine Caldwell. I will read some of this at lunch. I have gone several days without bringing books with me, without reading much. I have read a little of Fire with Fire at night the last few nights. It isn't light reading, though. I even think sometimes that I should be taking notes as I read it, to remind me of thoughts I am having, what I like and what I don't. What I don't: the author's creation of and continual use of the word "genderquake".

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