Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Windows are tinted. While I was waiting - three hours!! - in the dull waiting room, I started to feel sick. Nauseous, really tired. It was hard to keep sitting there. I wanted to go lie down somewhere. I thought it wouldn't look good to be lying on the couch they had there, though.

The tinting looks good. And helps a LOT. I am glad I went ahead with it.

After tinting I stopped at a place called "U-Edit Video" to find out what they offered, how much it cost. Just wondering if it would be feasible to edit the tapes there. It would take, the guy estimated, at least three hours, just for my simple job. Editing with assistance is fifty-five bucks an hour, without assistance thirty-five. Kinda expensive for this kind of thing. Also, they aren't set up for the Hi-8 videotape, so he suggested that I transfer to super VHS before editing.

Mary's home!

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