Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Yesterday was Joey's birthday party, at Peter Piper's Pizza. Mary rented a spiderman, who came and entertained the young ones. That was cool, and Joey's reaction was cute and funny. He was the ideal young birthday boy. Friendly, enjoying everything, classic - stuck his finger in the cake frosting to taste it, blew out the candles too early.

Which was quite a feat, considering he was so tired. He had stayed awake most of the night before, had suffered through a two-hour doctor appointment, was hauled from place to place, didn't get a chance to sleep during the day. The party itself was somewhat chaotic. I don't know how a party with both adults and children resolves itself to any real kind of order. Not sure how that works, or should work.

I took a lot of pictures, but then my camera's battery went out. i was not expecting this for some time, because it's a decent camera battery, lithium, and these usually last a long long time. I recall that I left the camera turned on a while back, and that may have done it. Now I need to get another. I also forgot to bring in my camcorder. Stupid. That would have been perfect.

There remains some tension between my daughters, the push-pull of one thinking the other is off base, then the other thinking the same of the other, and they never seem to see the other point of view, or accept it. And Mary, still certain that when I want time to myself what I am saying is that I don't want to be around Joey. I understand, in the sense that I took my children everywhere when they were little. I adjusted to having them with me, worked around it. You have to sometimes. But there's no denying that some things are just better alone, for adults and children alike.

i was going to try editing again today but am thinking to give it up, just get my car windows tinted and maybe get the air conditioning serviced. Buy groceries for dinner tonight.

It's just not a perfect situation.

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