Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

plus and minus

I walked down to the mailbox, thinking maybe I'd ask Charmaine to look in on the cats. I checked the mail, nothing there, and my knee was not much liking the walk, short though it is. Then I remembered Bev! The "office" she works from is right next door on Bullock Lane, and we've become friendly through work, through her coming in often. I went to the office on the off-chance that she might be there. She wasn't, but her dad - I think it was he -was there, and he gave me all her numbers and even let me use the phone there. So I called her and she said she'd be delighted to look in on the cats, that she's a cat person. So she's on her way over here now! Miracle, I swear. I was so worried, had not been able to come up with a person to look in on the beasties.

My knee hurts. I've got to take some naproxen. Hope there is some improvement tomorrow.

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