Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Department of Nice Experiences

I went to the general hospital clinic this afternoon. I waited about 40 minutes to get into a room. That wasn't bad, and the waiting room was clean, had a television, some magazines, not bad, not many people in it, no screamers. There were a few people coughing loudly, which wasn't pleasant, but they weren't near me.

The doctor showed about fifteen minutes after I had gone in and talked to the nurse. He felt around, tried adjusting the leg (it seemed; he pulled and pushed fairly intensely), poked and prodded, and said it seemed a fairly classic case of arthritis flaring up. He said not to exercise, to baby it for at least a month. "Think October," he said. He gave me a prescription for a high-dose Naproxen Sodium (aleve) and a referral to an orthopedist he said is super.He said to put hot compresses on the knee as often as I can. He said don't worry that I will lose some fitness, that I'll get it back, but I can't push it. He was very nice.

The pharmacist at Vons was also nice. I noticed how friendly he was with the woman ahead of me and then he was just as friendly to me. It seemed like he was just a people person, really liked the interactions, helping people.

As I got to my car I realized I had not paid the clinic, so I drove back there. They were unable to tell me what I owed (it was just after five and I think the shifts had changed and now it was the emergency room, not the clinic) and I could pay whatever I was comfortable with and they would bill for the rest. So I did that. One of the women there said she was really interested in what I did for a living, she had never met a planner before, and was impressed. How funny! But I suppose that would be true at a clinic that accepts people who have nowhere else to go. These folks were nice, too.

So I had medical experiences starting this morning and all the way through that were all positive. I won't say I am healthier and everything is solved but I am another step along the way. I feel better knowing I have some kind of plan for the knee, knowing it should get back to some kind of normal in time.

I am still dealing with the "no exercise" thing. Exercise is my drug for depression. This is going to take some work.

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