Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

teeth saga: part deux

I saw the endodontist today for a consultation. He's a really nice guy, personable, straight, easy to talk to. Nice looking, too, as a bonus. He can do my root canals any time...

But now I have another question to be answered. When I said I had been thinking of getting implants instead of a bridge he said that the tooth he would be doing the root canal on only has value as a bridge holder. There is no opposing tooth up above. If I am not going for a bridge then it might as well come out. So now I have to go see Mark again, go over the options, come to a conclusion. On the plus side, if I have the tooth removed that could be done (I suppose) at the same time that the implants get started, and the cost would be lower than a root canal, cap, and then implants.

I want to go to the clinic later today about my knee. I should go straight from work. Hope for some help but expect little.

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