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I'm watching a strange flick called "Denial". It stars Robin Wright, Jason Patric, and Rae Dawn Chong. It is put together like an indie film, or maybe even a home movie, practically. The only music is incidental, trying to be moody. The scenes seem to jump for no reason.

I bought it on sale a while back and got a little way into it when I gave up. Now I am trying again and finding at least a thread of a story but it is irritating.

"Is there anything you think is good about me?" asks Sarah (Wright)

"You could be so much more..." says Michael (Patric). "But I bet your friends think it's not cool to want to be better."

She runs around like a flighty girl, leaves sentences unfinished, and he comes on moody and dark and of course she's attracted. It's just irritating. I can't explain how irritating.

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