Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the housekeeping zone

I flipped the mattress today, before changing the sheets. As usual, Simba loved getting made into the bed. Not once, but twice. He is still contentedly lying under the comforter, on top of the blanket.

This kind of housekeeping is so much for me. No visitor would be likely to tell whether I had flipped the mattress or not, or even changed the sheets (except a more intimate visitor and that's another whole thing). It makes me feel good to do it, to take off the pillows and put them in the wash (haven't done that for a while), put it all together, smoothing the edges. It seems to get easier now that I do it more often.

Other plans for today's housekeeping forays: move into the cupboard where I have clothes and sports stuff and who-knows what else stacked to dangerous levels. Clear off the sink in my room. Spend five minutes clearing clutter in the back bedroom.

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