Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I am cooking some soup. I used my cheapie plastic mandolin to slice and shred carrots and onions and even some part of a green pepper (didn't do very well, that one), put them together with other ingredients I had around. I love the prep part of cooking. There is something very satisfying to me about it. I know people who run the other way if you suggest that they slice a few veggies, for example. Of course there are things I run the other way from. I have little patience with a lot of body things, like shaving my legs. I just want to be done with them, have trouble getting into the zone. But I can imagine it. And at times I do feel good when I am cleaning my face with face cleanser and putting on moisturizer. It does seem similar in a sense to the food prep. Face prep. I suppose we are made to get into that zone in many ways and we can, in a way, choose ours.

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