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I subscribed to community promos so I could read about other communities. If the search program worked I wouldn't need to, but this way I do read about some odd things.

One new one is called reviewthereviewers. People can write about other LJers who review yet others' journals. In other words: there is a community called ljreview. LJers review the journals of fellow LJers in there. There is a scoring system that takes into account everything from the user's icons to what is in their bio to how the journal reads and if it is grammatically correct or not.

Anyone else can then take a look at the person who wrote the review and write a review about him or her. Based on a scoring system that is fairly elaborate.

In the first place, I find it really weird to be reviewing these journals. But once you accept that, I suppose it is only fair to find out more about who is doing the reviewing.

Some of the criteria for a "good journal" seem so out of touch with what a journal is - to me. Whether there are different fonts used in the bio...whether the entries are understandable to everyone...how cleverly the LJer's page is laid out. Many things that really have nothing to do with words or lives.

Am I saying no, put a stop to it? NO, of course not. I'm just trying to adjust my glasses.

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